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Attys DAQ board topview

Attys is an open source high precision bluetooth data acquisition device

Technical specifications

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Attys with attys-scope recording EMG

Science & Engineering

High precision data acquisition with your smartphone or PC

  • Two DC coupled high resolution 24 bits analogue to digital converters
  • CE marked for industrial, research, educational and domestic environments
  • Measure temperature, pressure, light, ECG, EMG, EEG or any other modality
  • Internal sensors for acceleration and orientation (compass)
  • Record form up to 4 Attys at the same time

Open source

  • Open data format with direct import into Python, OCTAVE, R, GNUPLOT and MATLAB(tm)
  • Open source software in C++, JAVA and Python for general purpose measurements, science and education
  • Open transmission format for realtime applications written in Python, JAVA or C++


Measure from a wide range of sensors

Attys connects to virtually any sensor to measure pressure, light intensity, temperature, voltage, current, ECG, … for Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Math teaching.

Learn how to write Android apps and PC software

With the wealth of open source programs it’s easy to get started and learn how to write realtime data acquisition applications.

Python, JAVA or C++

Develop your own apps:

Why Attys?

An ultra high precision ADC without any artificial tricks

Most wearable acquisition devices are rather fashion items than serious measurement devices. These often just send pre-processed data which makes it impossible to distinguish between artefact and signal (some cynical minds claim that this might be actually intentional).

In contrast the Attys provides the pure signal as measured at its inputs — and that in very high precision. This has two advantages: it allows to publish the raw data with its full information (as is required now by many journals and governments) and it allows identification of artefacts later on.


Education should allow a student to have full control over her/his learning, create their own solutions and should not be constrained by pre-written closed source software. A student should be able to learn from first principles and dig as deep as they like.


A few years ago Dr Bernd Porr produced a number of educational video clips of how to record biosignals such as ECG, EEG and EMG. Readers asked if it were possible to buy a bioamp as presented in these clips and he finally made the plunge to make one. This was the birth of the Attys.

Closeup of Attys DAQ board

Technical Specs

  • Fully qualified Bluetooth ® version 2.1 + Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)
  • Recommended bluetooth dongles: ASUS-BT400 or broadcom based dongles (BCM2045B).

  • Fully assembled and tested with CE mark (industrial, domestic, research and educational use)
  • Analogue inputs
    • 2 Channels
      1. fully differential (instrumentation amplifier)
      2. single ended or differential (GND acts as neg for differential measurements)
    • Resolution: 24bit
    • CMRR: 120dB
    • Signal to noise ratio: 100dB
    • Full scale range: +/-2.42V differential and +/-1.21V single ended
    • Input impedance: 1GOhm
    • PGA with the following gain factors: 1,2,3,4,6 (default),8 and 12
    • Sampling rate: 125Hz or 250Hz
    • Internal temperature measurement
    • Programmable current source to measure resistance
    • ADS1292 A/D converter chip
  • Accelerometer
    • Resolution: 16bit
    • Full scale range: 2G, 4G, 8G, 16G (default)
    • MPU9250 IMU
  • Compass
    • Resolution: 16bit
    • Full scale range: 4800.0E-6T
    • Sampling rate: 8Hz
    • AK8963 magnetometer
  • Two internal digital inputs (3.3V logic)
  • Communication method: rfcomm also known as the serial port emulation
  • Data format
    • CSV (125Hz) or base64 encoded binary data (125Hz/250Hz) with cr/lf after every sample
    • Text commands to configure Attys
  • Power supply: USB mini connector for charging. Battery lifetime approx 8hrs for continuous transmission
  • LED indicators for: connected (blue), charging (red), charged (green) and CPU status (green)
  • Dimensions: 28 x 65 x 65 mm
  • Weight: 100 g
  • Mounting holes for cable ties

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