Why Attys?

An ultra high precision bioamp without any artificial tricks

Most wearable bioamplifiers are rather fashion items than serious measurement devices. In addition these often just send pre-processed data which makes it impossible to distinguish between artefact and signal (some cynical minds claim that this might be actually intentional).

In contrast the Attys provides the pure signal as measured at its inputs. Programs such as AttysScope save the data in its full resolution which can then be post-processed later. This has two advantages: it allows to publish the raw data with its full information (as is required now by many journals and governments) and it allows identification of artifacts later on.

Biosignal education


Three years ago Dr Bernd Porr produced a number of educational video clips of how to record biosignals such as ECG, EEG and EMG. He also showed step by step how to build your own bioamplifier using the USB-DUX data acquisition boards.

These clips teach biosignals in a flipped classroom approach where learning by doing is key which Dr Porr also uses in his own teaching.

The YouTube channel and the corresponding web page have become highly popular during the last two years and have been, for example, featured on Hackaday and on twitter many times thereby educating people about what biosignals can do and what they cannot.

On the back of this success readers asked if it was possible to buy an assembled version of the bioamp and he finally made the plunge to make one. That was the birth of the Attys.