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Attys DAQ board topview

Attys is an open source wearable high precision bluetooth data acquisition device

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Attys with AttysScope recording ECG

Science & Technology

High precision data acquisition

Record heart activity (ECG), muscle activity (EMG), brain activity, eye movements (EOG), temperature, pressure and any other sensor signal at 24 bits resolution and transmit it uncompressed to your smartphone, tablet or PC. Analyse it with Python, OCTAVE, R or MATLAB(tm).

Record from multiple Attys at the same time with your PC: record from up to 8 muscles and at the same time acceleration and orientation.

Rapid app development

Develop rapidly your own health apps with the Attys by using our open source software as a starting point.


Learn to measure, record and analyse data with your phone or PC

The Attys is a general purpose data acquisition device and is perfect for teaching where students can write apps for their own mobile phones, tablets or PC or record data and process it in Python, OCTAVE or MATLAB.

Learn how to record biosignals

Record ECG, EMG, EOG or EEG and write mobile phone or tablet apps using our open source apps as a starting point.

Schools / STEM teaching

Measure from a wide range of sensors

Attys connects to virtually any sensor to measure pressure, light intensity, temperature, voltage, current, … for Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Math teaching.

Google’s Science Journal is the perfect app for this purpose and it talks to Attys! It’s fun to use and is a great program to learn how to measure data from around you. It exports data in comma separated values which can be easily be imported in a wide variety of programs such as Python or a spreadsheet for plotting.

See how it works

Kirsty shows you how the Attys works by measuring pressure, temperature and her ECG.

Einthoven III ECG from Attys while lying down

Open source & data

  • Open data format with direct import into Python, OCTAVE, R, GNUPLOT and MATLAB(tm): AttysScope stores the data as tab separated values
  • Write your own apps: JAVA and C++ API to talk to the Attys
  • Open source programs in JAVA and C++ on github  
  • Open firmware in C
Closeup of Attys DAQ board

Technical Specs

  • Analogue inputs
    • Resolution: 24bit
    • Full scale range: +/-2.42V differential and +/-1.21V single ended
    • PGA with the following gain factors: 1,2,3,4,6 (default),8 and 12
    • Sampling rate: 125Hz or 250Hz
    • ADS1292 A/D converter chip
  • Accelerometer
    • Resolution: 16bit
    • Full scale range: 2G, 4G, 8G, 16G (default)
    • MPU9250 IMU
  • Compass
    • Resolution: 16bit
    • Full scale range: 4800.0E-6T
    • Sampling rate: 8Hz
    • AK8963 magnetometer
  • Communication method: rfcomm also known as the serial port emulation
  • Data format
    • CSV (125Hz) or base64 encoded binary data (125Hz/250Hz) with cr/lf after every sample
    • Text commands to configure Attys
  • Power supply: USB mini connector for charging. Battery lifetime approx 8hrs for continuous transmission
  • LED indicators for: connected (blue), charging (red), charged (green) and CPU status (green)

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